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Who is Chamalú?

CHAMALU prefers to describe himself as follows: I find myself lying in the hammock of transience, hanging in between two eternities which I am perceiving. I was born at the edge of death, the indigenous Quechua great grandmother gave my life back to me and at the same time planted the seeds of the ancestral wisdom in the garden of my heart. During adolescence my fervent appreciation turned into an existential crisis, I passed through the dark tunnel with the help of an elderly healer, the keeper of secret wisdom, who adopted me as his apprentice and when he passed away two years later I searched for other elderly women and men, wise indigenous grandmothers and grandfathers, to sit at their feet – this was my first and best university, in natural classrooms in form of mountains, jungles or deserts. I gave civilization a try by studying various university careers, reaffirming the disagreement I feel for the current way of thinking and living. I am a craftsman of the word, a guardian of life, through my veins are circulating galaxies, I live each instant passionately, I live in the present with reverence, I am addicted to happiness, explicit solidarity and the lifestyle I have chosen.

CHAMALU is a man of wisdom who combines the ancestral with the contemporary world, the sacred with the mundane, the internal with the external, CHAMALU is a mystic hedonist, a philosopher of life, a practical dreamer, an experiential poet, a visionary leader who dreams of a new world and lives in coherence with this yearning.


Ever since his adolescence CHAMALU was a rebel, a dissident, a practical dreamer. He was the pioneer of social ecology in Bolivia during the 80ies, founder of the ecological movement PACHAMAMA UNIVERSAL in May 1982. In September 1990 he founded the JANAJPACHA community with his own funds, it is a shamanic ashram, a school to learn how to live, a space for experience-based ecology where thousands of apprentices have spent some time to discover that life was, something else. CHAMALU was the director of the magazine Ecotopia, director of the „Centro de Sanación Andino“ (Centre for Andean Healing), co-founder of the virtual school „ESCUELA DE FELICIDAD“ (School of Happiness), mentor of the membership program CAMINANDO CON CHAMALU (walking with Chamalú). As international conference speaker he gave more than eleven thousand conferences in more than thousand cities all over the five continents, he wrote around 70 books and is an inspirational guide for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

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Chamalú's proposal

CHAMALU starts by showing that we are born incomplete, that this is the price of freedom, that we are not even born as humans, that the consciousness grows through an awareness-raising education and inner work, and so we start to understand life, the purpose of being here and the mission, which is explained by evolving consciousness and represents the continuation of what we have been developing since other times.

CHAMALU proposes a philosophy of life in which life itself is supposed to be the most important; he asserts the importance of learning how to enjoy, be happy, love, be in peace and have lasting health. His educational training points in that direction and enveloped in poetic language is it captivating hearts and awakening consciousness. He proposes a philosophy of life in which the growth of consciousness is guaranteed and the joy of living is something natural and common.

After having regained sensitivity and restored the inner power, he proposes to get to know oneself until reaching the point where one can handle energy, intentions and emotions, relations and all kinds of decisions with the flawlessness of a warrior, within the perspective of the learning path, converted into a creative way of living, anchored to our mission.