27 Jul

What attitude do you have towards life?

Before we talk about enjoying, now let’s expand it and we will conclude that it is basically the attitude we have in life and this includes everything, from the way we get out of bed, to the way to solve a problem, to relate to others or face an unforeseen event. This is partly formed in the family environment, with what you hear, what you see, what you discover as normal as well as what you learn in school, on television, on the Internet. It happens however that in all the mentioned sources, with different characteristics, false information circulates, abnormal normalities and a long etc. It is not normal for example that people get out of control, that they are unhappy, that they suffer all the time, that they get sick frequently, it is not normal either, that others are selfish, that envy is practiced by everyone and that the lie is considered a act of mischief and intelligence.

Then we cannot be like everyone else, to become like the majority, because it happens that the majority is traveling the wrong way. It is necessary then, to start organizing our training, our habits and values ​​and principles with which we choose to function from youth. It is not about not making mistakes but about learning from them, it is not about being perfect, but about using our intelligence properly, it is not about becoming weird or eccentric but about getting off the flock, differentiating from those who live badly, to take a path that you choose freely, without imitating anyone or becoming a photocopy of another. It is your life and you can do with it, whatever you want. Then, choose the best for that unique life you have.

There are pessimistic people, differentiate yourself, choose to be optimistic, you will be better off and you will enjoy life more, there are envious people, get away from that attitude and organize yourself to be better, but not better than others but increasingly better than yourself, that is the only one Recommended competition, there are others who go through life full of pride, it is like walking rotten. Choose an attitude of humility but at the same time of self-worth and security, that is to know what you have to do and do it without fear. It is better to be patient but active, creative rather than repetitive, constant after knowing what we have to do and this will make us invincible and successful.

You realize, you can organize your life as you want, you can be the person you dream of and surprise everyone starting to be, from a very young, responsible, creative, supportive, intelligent, happy and full of love. That is the attitude we are talking about, it is a way of seeing and living life. Then, your happiness will no longer depend on what happens outside, or on some people who are close to you, your life will be super interesting no matter what happens, BECAUSE YOU WILL BE PREPARED FOR EVERYTHING to fulfill what you planned and enjoying the whole process, so How to improvise, because everything is change, In this way, you will gradually become an example, a reference point for others who will see in you, a constant source of learning, you will also be a joy for your family


CHAMALÚ is a man of wisdom, uniting the ancestral with the contemporary, the sacred with the mundane, the internal with the external. CHAMALÚ is a hedonistic mystic, a philosopher of life, a practical dreamer, a living poet, a visionary leader who dreams of a new world and lives in coherence with that longing.