06 Jul

Feminine shamanism

The feminine is volcanic and stormy, but self-government converts the feminine force into power. In every woman there is a wild part crouching inside waiting for the opportunity to free itself, an opportunity that includes challenges and risks, both are advisable to wake up. The ancestral forbids women to fall in love with men who are asleep, I hadn’t realized sleepiness is contagious. The great spirit forgives you if you walk trails that were not meant for your feet, however, time never forgives and moves on. If you kiss life on the mouth, you will have begun to live in your heart, the rest will happen by internal impulse because there are things that every woman knows and doesn’t need to learn.

We inhabit a patriarchal and macho world, the contemporary inquisition doesn’t kill the body, it annihilates the soul. The woman was led to forget her power and trained to take on secondary roles, in addition to being prepared to suffer. Unhappiness is not the consequence of an inevitable fate but the result of a meticulous training that begins in childhood, intensifies in adolescence and reaches its splendor when the woman already knows how to complicate herself and get depressed on her own. Perhaps prehistory is now and the world will now become human again.

We live in a basically patriarchal era, there are still many men in decision making positions that threaten the security and life of the entire planet and few female leaders occupying their rightful place. Many women have reached the absurdity of asking a gynecologist how to give birth, when female bodies have been doing this for millennia. Surely a woman who is isolated from other women is less powerful, is disconnected from the moon and lacks magic. However, it is not a matter of fighting against men but of helping him to overcome the machismo of which he is the first victim.

Take charge of yourself again, recover your power, awaken your healer, install your heart next to your head, secrete thoughts with love and caress with intelligence, breathe in magic and do not discard the sensuality that speaks the language of moaning. Learn how to heal without poisoning yourself. Remember that love raises your vibrations and gives you the unprecedented freedom that enables you to control your emotions beyond all repression, allows your freedom to walk from the center of your body through the length and width of the entire scenery of your life. It’s your life. What you don’t do will be pending.

Growing up is to be cured of machismo, is purging oneself of fear and habilitating oneself for gradual self-control. It is the rebirth of the goddess and the acquisition of your natural power that inaugurates a new vision, it is the initiation to life. Every initiated woman receives a song that is built on her sacred sound. From a new perspective, the man is no longer the opposite sex but becomes the complementary sex, which will in turn require that he is initiated by a woman. Remember that the female body is the extension of the pachamama, it dresses itself in magic when it synchronizes with nature.

The awakened woman is in constant dialogue with nature, that is why everything that happens in the universe affects her. When the woman abandons her connection to the earth, she loses her power and that purifying resource she has at hand. The more the woman reflects, the more rebellious and critical her position will be. The more she meditates, the more powerful she will be, this process includes moving from instinct to intuition. Do not be afraid to go through madness, it is necessary to give birth to yourself. The instinctive connects them to nature, however when this connection deepens and becomes natural, the instinctive is overcome and intuition is accessed. Then they can trust their bodies and dance with their problems, meditate dancing until they reach ecstasy. Remember that the woman thinks with the whole body and feels with the soul. No woman is alone from the moment she wakes up.

Machismo is a drug that has fear at its essence. From the patriarchal logic, a reflective and deeply superficial life is suggested to women. From our shamanism we suggest you reestablish the blood pact with the earth, resume the lunar rites, learn to move as a jaguar, without leaving traces so you can’t be trapped. Women have a natural, almost biological tendency to shamanism. It’s urgent that they shamanize their life and discover the powers that are unknown while they sleep. Turn your menstruation into a ceremony, menstruating is dying, it’s renewing, it’s rebirth. Pre-menstrual tension is the symptom of not handling the moon with ceremony.

The woman without power becomes disposable. Reconnect your inner shaman, remember that our life is a festive and sacred pause between two eternities that drip over our days in the form of instants. Menstruation connects women to mother earth, links them to the Moon, makes them dance with Mamakhocha (the sea) and invites them to travel to their inner space and connect with Mamacollo (the inner shaman). When the woman stops bleeding, she should already have the wisdom of the grandmothers, dedicated to forming new women, since from their souls they accumulate many steps, many moons, many sunsets. When her inner power does not awaken, it turns against her.

The woman is the bridge that helps humility return to nature, the woman gives life and before, she must give life to herself. The submissive woman is a bad example for others. Remember that most of them were trained to be dependent and insecure, to reduce their lives to the administration of unnecessary needs. The woman was desensitized for several centuries, but it is possible to wake up. Perhaps it all begins by taking time to contemplate nature, to assume yourself as nature, to observe yourself, to know yourself, to transform yourself, to reshape yourself and to choose how you want to be.

As a consequence, the woman will grow and regain the capacity to enjoy, form lunar circles with other women, sing, dance on the nights of the full moon, recover her soul, travel to her body, and thereby increase her sensibilities and learn to consciously renew herself and to communicate without words, as many mothers do with their children. From the moment she wakes up, the woman is responsible for what she thinks, feels and says, and does. From the moment she wakes up, the woman begins to see that there are other forms of life.

The more she discovers shamanism, the more she falls in love with being alive, and little by little love takes care of her. Understand that if you cut the wings of the butterfly of life, it degenerates into a routine. Every awakened woman exudes perfume, and loves even when you commit to repopulating the planet with happy women, you inevitably feel that the universe welcomes you. That is the multidimensional party, to which you are invited.


(Extract from the book “IVESHAMA”)

CHAMALÚ is a man of wisdom, uniting the ancestral with the contemporary, the sacred with the mundane, the internal with the external. CHAMALÚ is a hedonistic mystic, a philosopher of life, a practical dreamer, a living poet, a visionary leader who dreams of a new world and lives in coherence with that longing.